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Bamboo Plywood

Blonde Natural Bamboo Plywood 3/4in Thickness

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As attractive as it is durable, bamboo plywood is the perfect choice for furniture and cabinetry, wall paneling, millwork, and various other wood applications. It can be cut, sanded, glued, and fastened using conventional woodworking equipment and materials.

Bamboo plywood is also eco-friendly as a rapidly renewable resource and FSC Certified.

Our Bamboo Plywood is available in 4 x 8 ft sheets and ¾ inch thick. Each sheet is three plies: The top and bottom ply is 1/8th inch (.125”) and the middle ply is 1/2in ( .5”)

All of our bamboo plywood is edge/vertical grain giving each sheet an elegant look while also increasing its durability as an architectural grade product.

Our Blonde Bamboo Plywood is unfinished for a natural color.

CNC machining and cutting to spec available.


Unfinished Bamboo

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Length: 8ft
Width: 4 ft
Thickness: 3/4 in

A Variety of Uses

Bamboo plywood's durability and visual appeal makes it the ideal material for a variety of uses, from furniture and cabinetry to home DIY projects.